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hours of service course online CERTIFICATE program

This Hours of Service course online course covers the specifics of the regulations: set  important limits for transport drivers within Canada to take action against fatigue-related accidents. These regulations protect the public, and all individuals involved in commercial transportation.

  • Log books, Responsiblities and the Law
  • Daily logs
  • Exemptions
  • Electronic Recording Devices
  • Driver Activities
  • Duty Status
  • On-Duty
  • Driving
  • Off-Duty
  • Sleeper Berth Status
  • Recording Duty Status
  • Daily limits
  • Work shifts
  • Deferral of off-duty time
  • Safety marks
  • Sleeper berths
  • Cycles
  • Emergency exemptions
  • Adverse driving conditions
  • Out-of-service Declarations
  • Additional topics: North of 60, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, United States

Program Duration:    3 hours

Passing Grade:         80% (Must be achieved for certificate of completion).

This certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of completion printed on the certificate unless otherwise specified by an employer, legislation, or other authority.