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This Professional Driver Improvement PDIC Course is specifically designed for drivers in the transportation industry as both a refresher on safe driving attitudes and techniques, and an introduction to new safe driving concepts.This program is Alberta Government approved for a 3-point demerit reduction.

  • Module 1 - Attitude:  Scenario, Collision Statistics, The Challenge, Preventable and Non-Preventable Collisions, Fundamental Philosophy, Safer System Of Driving, Quiz

  • Module 2 - Driving Conditions: Adverse Conditions, Weather Conditions, Light Conditions, Road Conditions, Traffic Conditions, Driver Conditions, Vehicle Inspections, Air Brakes, Couple And Uncouple, Quiz

  • Module 3 - Collisions: Two Vehicle Collisions, Vehicle Ahead, Collisions With The Vehicle Behind, Passing, Being Passed, Intersection Collisions, Head-On Collisions, Other Types of Collisions, Collisions With Trains, Collisions With Pedestrians, Sharing the Road, Quiz
  • Module 4 - Collisions: Other Types Of Collisions, Backing Collisions, Wildlife Collisions, Jack-Knifing, Rollovers, Quiz
  • Module 4A - Collision Response: Accident Reporting, If a Collision Happens, Recording Accident Details and Information, Call Your Insurance Agent, Liability, Quiz

  • Module 5 - Fatigue: Statistics, Understanding Sleep, Recognizing Fatigue, Situational Awareness Test, Fatigue Strategies, Your Responsibility, Quiz

  • Module 6 - Impaired Driving: Drinking and Driving - The Statistics, Our Responsibilities, Penalties for Drinking and Driving, Other Drugs, Conclusion, Quiz

  • Module 7 - Emergencies: Emergency Manoeuvre, Skid Control, Collision Avoidance, Wheel Drop Off, Tire Blow Out, Quiz

  • Module 8 - Conclusion
  • Final Exam

Program Duration:    6-7 hours

Passing Grade:         80% (Must be achieved for certificate of completion).

Upon successful completion of this PDIC online course, a certificate of completion will be available for download and printing.

professional driver improvement PDIC online CERTIFICATE